Omfg I did a kid’s craft class at work and it went really well. Some of the kids made the craft for me and they told the cashier that i was cool wow

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Title: POWER


Power - Kanye West.

No one man should have all that power.


Aaah so, there’s a pretty big chance that i’ll be moving this summer in order to take some much anticipated art courses at an actual art college starting in June which is EXTREMELY EXCITING but also a little daunting because not only are the classes $655 each (and that’s tuition at half price because it’s summer) but I’ll also have to pay rent for an apartment for three months and buy supplies and feed myself and buy some of the things i need to exist on my own like dishes and pans and some thrift store furniture and gas for my car (seriously my preparedness for living on my own consists of a purple tea pot, some square bowls, and a handful of mugs)….. a lot of things that are pushing this adventure into the “really really pricey” range. And not only are my parents in a pretty tight spot financially, but I’m an adult and I really don’t want to put this whole thing on their shoulders on top of taking care of my little siblings too.

THAT SAID I have this little shop where I sell things like prints and bookmarks and keychains and buttons and that OFF shirt and handmade wands (everything you see above, plus much more)! And in the next couple weeks I should have EVEN MORE STUFF up there, PLUS a lot of my older prints are discounted down to $3-$5. (unfortunately shipping outside of the US can get a little expensive, sorry about that in advance)

Again, CLICK HERE to take a look, and of course signal boosting would be much appreciated, thank you! uwu <3



Pharrell, Daft Punk, Kanye

pharell looks like a smug undercover lizard that knows too much


danny dorito


My favorite @dril moment.




Cowboy Bebop. No cowboys and not a single bebop. 0/10





fuck he got me

my sister and her friends are going to my Second Job tonight during my shift so they can laugh at me wtf

my mom watched the Lego Movie and she said she liked it

i got a cool mom


Tourism, Construction and an Ongoing Nuclear Crisis at Chernobyl

From high-end tourism to one of the world’s most ambitious engineering projects, strange things are happening at the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history, which could still kill plenty of people.